The Motives Xmas Spectacular @ Sugarmill 19/12/13

After being away for a long time, The Motives were back with a Christmas Spectacular along with support from Logical Drama, The Castaways and No Love Lost. There were new sounds, new members and a Christmas cover.

No Love Lost has this rebellious punk rock style along with Oasis attitude. The arrogance of the front man never changes; throughout the gig it becomes uncomfortable   to watch the set. Hands in pockets and no knowledge what’s next. No Love Lost have built up a punk rock sound that admittedly gets the crowd bouncing but with the added indie riffs and slight rapper vocal it doesn’t actually match. As it’s nearly Christmas, they covered 1973 hit Merry Christmas Everyone. Frontman hitting the high notes at the end concludes the set.

As I walked down the stairs I could hear ‘Are you ready yet?’ as I turned the corner, the crowd were absolutely ready for it. It was young lads The Castaways, as they cover Arctic Monkeys hit; I bet that you look good on the Dance Floor, fans were going mental, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a mosh pit. Will, frontman is taken on the Alex Turner style of intelligent lyrics, from nights out, girls, love or general life, he writes it in a catchy way. The newly written track, I don’t care, have a strong indie vibe and from October, the first sight of these lads, they have grown confidence and taken on a professional stage presence. Everyone loves the Pigeon Detectives especially their single Take Her Back, for young lads, The Castaways has the talent to entertain. They must have felt a sense of achieve when people sang their single’s lyrics back at them.  Catch them 28th December at The Underground.

Something different from the indie rock genre, something different from anyone in the local music scene, it’s Logical Drama. The violinist adds a complete different element to set, whether it’s a soothing track or a heavier track, the talent is still there and shinning. Each member has a different personality, different stage presence and they each bring an influence to the sound. It’s been 5 weeks since I saw these last, they have become a lot heavier than usual. It’s a mellow Black Sabbath with an orchestra sound behind them.

Headliners of the night The Motives caused uproar. New sound, new attitudes and new member; yes, new member, Dan Aydon from previous band 3’s A Riot is the new bassist. From months of not gigging they’ve come back with a more matured and more firm, solid indie sound. The opening instrumental saw experimental riffs and elements of dance; the mix of tempo’s intrigued their fans. Good mates The Current created this choreographed mosh pit, I can say that The Motives succeeded in creating a buzzing atmosphere.  A cover of Arabella saw the simple, uncluttered arrangement from Artic Monkeys arise from The Motives; stage presence was precise to that of Alex Turner’s. Old favourite On the Ropes and Get out and Move your Feet saw the wild crowd singing back and bouncing the catchiness. The gig came to a sudden stop which got the crowd begging for an encore, same the lads didn’t.




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