Farewell Fools Paradise @ Full Moon 29/12/13

 It was good to see a decent turnout of usual faces for the lads last night as it being their last gig. Throughout their set you could see people dancing and singing their favourite tracks.

Devil in disguise, was a track that stood out as Rob introduced Jord Gifford, Vellocet frontman, to the stage. Jord took over the guitar and played the last 3 songs of the set. Fools Paradises latest and last single, The Night, was played for the first time and sadly the last. As the song gets to the chorus and the beat drops and it kicks in, I could see the enthusiasm in Robs stage presence. It showed pure quality! He was making sure that they were going out with a bang.

If that wasn’t enough to make it a night to remember then the last track must of been. A cover of Hush by Kula Shaker. This track showed off the quality of the band with the help of Jord Gifford which gave Fools the farewell they deserved. They will be missed by many people.



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