GreaterGhost EP ‘Polarity’ 25/01/14


After their debut EP, GreaterGhost return to kick some ass with recent release, Polarity. They are known as a post hardcore act, but I think there is a lot more to them than that. The EP runs at 24 minutes with only 4 tunes, which gives you a hint there would be a progressive element.


Silhouette is the first track from this; the intro gives a soft sound from the guitar which reminded me of djent metal band TessaracT. The vocals sound pop punky, but great nonetheless. The song is progressive when it comes to sound. The longer the song goes, the heavier the song is, and it’s a good pleasure listening to it. The production of the album sounds pretty darn solid; this song is a great start.


Next is, Safe to Speak, a brief soft intro only to greatly get heavier and faster. The chorus is solid and the singer’s voice when the music smoothens down is nicely reverberated and he’s great to listen to.  From the two songs I’ve listened to so far the progression isn’t time signatures or instrumental solos as such, but the sound of the songs go from calm to heavy, keeping the songs intriguing so they aren’t tedious to listen to.


The sound goes from heavy to very ambient and soothing to listen to with the song, Ghost In This Place. It’s seems typical there would be a soft song along with the collection of rock and metal songs, but this is relaxing. It feels like a signature song that everyone would know and love in live performance, the lighters would make an appearance.


Finally there’s the 7 minute monster Ash and Ember. The progression in this is again not instrumental when it comes to playing or time signature changes, but the sounds that drift from heavy and shouting to calm and harmonic keep this song interesting and a joy to listen to, the length of the song however would put some people off.


Overall though it’s a brilliantly produced second EP from, GreaterGhost. They stay in the genre limelight of the local scene yet stick to their own guns at the same time. The moods set in this album are brilliant, even though it may be quite lengthy for a 4 track EP I wouldn’t let the track durations put you off. Influences that appear to be post hardcore and djent metal (with the soft sounding guitar tone), Polarity does a fine job standing firm in its own right, and with a name your price offer on Bandcamp, it’s a generous offer for a great EP.




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