Independent Venue Music Week @ Sugarmill 29/01/14

A night where, Independent Venue Music sponsored by PRS music take over The Sugarmill; it’s a night which celebrates the spirit of independence and the culture of live music over 18 venues, 6 nights and 3 gigs a night. The line-up was the best of indie in the Stoke on Trent music scene; Delamere, Moral Panics, The Ruby Dukes, Campstag and a Brighton band, Nothing but Thieves.

Delamere dropped the bomb and alighted the night. The infectious indie, pop, club-friendly dance rhythm silence the crowd after every applause (sometimes you hear someone’s conversation but there wasn’t a sound) For an early start, The Sugarmill saw regular faces and new faces, it was a well-deserved crowd for all bands. Delamere created this massive impact throughout a drum solo; the rhythm and the excitement in their performance showed just how they managed to bag a support slot for Bastille. Being signed to Scruff of the Neck Records, these lads are on the right road of success; the up and coming single, Do You Want Me, is set to be release in Manchester, 8th March. It’s a twist to say, Vampire and Colour Me In, it’s a twist different and interesting.

For a local band to fly to Paris and record an EP, that’s got to be something to scribble on your band CV and be incredible proud of! From tinkling bouncing melodies to matured boisterous bouncing melodies, Moral Panics have stood strong in the local music scene for a long time now, their heels are firm dug in the ground as far as music goes. A massive old favourite, Move my Feet, sets a sharp tone to their set. Moral Panics have created this, ‘hard to get’ simple yet intelligently talented persona, the emotion set through lyrics is strong which results in their extremely healthy fan base. Concluding the monstrous set, Blood, from their EP Blood; the most entertaining track to witness live, the track has a sense of bipolar. From recorded to live its incredibly different. Moral Panics have that talent to keep interest as high as possible!

Stepping out of Stoke just for one band, Nothing but Thieves; they are a band that widen your eyes and shock you during the live performance. For someone who has not yet witnessed Nothing but Thieves, you’re in for a mammoth surprise. Apart from the shock of frontman’s vocal (which remind me of Justin from the Darkness) the music was very much indie rock. If you grab Florence and the Machine add rowdy drum beats, jagged riffs and spoonful of grit in the vocal and the outcome is…

Performance quality of The Ruby Dukes develops each gig; it’s like the firework of the night. An explosion of confidence floods the Sugarmill stage. Paper Sunset still has that newly fresh breeze, it’s like the sore thumb in The Ruby Dukes set, it’s the track that stick out from the others for its distinctive creativity. They’ve been busy writing new tunes, new tunes like there up and coming single, Prowl. The Ruby Dukes remind me closely of the Arctic Monkeys, releasing themselves in 2013 with a dominate indie style and now growing up and advancing to unique and experimental sounds. Winning 6 Towns Radio’s Best Local Act this year, things are considering to be a superior year. 

I am ashamed to admit that, this was the first time I caught, top class indie headliners Campstag. They show off the classic quote, ‘Never judge a book by looking at the cover’ because without them even being on stage, there professional shines fiercely and strikes powerfully through the set. Walking with Broken Bones and Malitida Please has a build-up of brilliantly crafted firm guitar riffs and a sophisticated keyboard enhancement. Campstag have that talented and clever technique of assembling made different layers to create the complex, enjoyable rhythms. Sirens, is one of my favourites. They synth effect not only intrigues the audience but creates an atmosphere with a beautiful brush of crisp percussion. Other track like; Hide and Seek and When Lights Come Down keep up the intelligence, and add thickness to the atmosphere. A serious band to check out.




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