Beyond the Sun @ Underground 15/02/14

What a gig.

Amber Joanna’s first big gig as a solo artist lit the flames. For such a young girl the power of her vocals had so much dominance that she silences the venue. Performing covers from Kodaline and Bon Jovi, shows Amber’s wide range of musical taste and her originality to change these much loved bands into her own sound. As soon as Amber has her own songs written and produced, her popularity in the local scene and beyond will be rocketing.

The flames lit by Amber we were next transported back in time; to a time of big hair, polyester clothing and a burst through of folk, rock psychedelic music. Electroshock Therapy are back, and back strong as ever.  Looking and sounding polished, they kept it simple and let the music do all the talking. Electroshock Therapy has a hidden song writing intellect, which puts them standing tall on the box of wonders. These have hidden sub genres which seep through each and every member; acid rock, psychedelic, RnB, country and folk. Electroshock have that intensely clever talent of creating a sound completely new, a sound influenced from the past but brought to the modern day as something new.

In a previous life, Neon Rouge, in present life Malthouse, they return into the local music scene with a mature sounding podium. A new track Lay Me Down is their aggressive blues number; Kieran’s vocal seem to have more emotion this time around, a deep emotion which is conveyed through the poetically written lyrics. It was exciting to hear tracks from Neon Rouge brought forward. Break Jaw Blues had a lot more of a heavier take with a stop start soulful intro also what seems like an ancient tune Fisty Cuff; this has a floor shaking revolution with a touch up of early 60’s soul/RnB. Introducing Emily Law from Nuclear Safari is always a good move; Emily was joined for Ain’t No Cab and a new one No Getting Young (which at the moment is a personal favourite) There’s something different, something likeable and something about each of the lads talent that is incredible.

From Wales was psych band The Revolutionary Spirit. Jaws dropped, gazing began and the heat got higher. The sound was experimental as well as the stage presence and live entertainment. These are a band to enjoy through imagery rather than just sound. The Revolutionary Spirit lyrics are a visceral mediation on love pain and loss, their single Last Memories saw pop choruses which no doubt has made them a solid fan base in Stoke on Trent.

This was a gig Psyence have been planning for months; all the hard work for an unsigned band has paid off tremendously. ‘Let’s have a party’ was the phrases that kicked the set off. Being the heaviest of all bands, there was not one human in the Underground stationary. Zebra and Medusa always cause havoc. Psyence showed off their new tunes; the tunes with experimental sound effects, a drumming thunder, guitars with a warm chime and viscous amp bite, delayed vocal with snatched sentences of speech burble; this is a blend that really hits the highest peak of talent. This is the modern sound of yesterday’s music.




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