Autumn Lungs – The Long Way Round EP Review 21/02/14


Here I am dipping into the folk scene just like ploughing a Dorito chip into another salsa that isn’t a Doritos make. I never know what to expect, it’s either really good or not good at all. I love finding acoustic related acts around Stoke on Trent, sitting in a pub and watching those bands with a pint in hand


GJ Worthington has a lot of influences according to the lovely social networking site Facebook giving me a look at his page. So with these musical interests giving me the perspective that he has versatility in his music, I’m going give The Long Way Round a listen and spew my thoughts out in this written piece.


Guilty as Charged is quite cheesy for a track name, but it gives the EP an alive feeling straight away. The song sounds like Mumford & Sons, but GJ can sing without it sounding like gravel is stuck in his throat. His voice is calm, the lyrics are sweet and the music is blissful, it’s like diving into a pool full of marshmallows.


Save Us pops up with an electric guitar feel, bringing his other influences that aren’t just folk. There’s that little pinch of grunge in this song, especially when GJ’s voice gets more near the end of the verses and the start of the chorus, but unlike grunge it’s gentle. It’s a lively track yet it’s calm in most parts, like a puppy getting bored of a squeaky toy after 5 minutes.


The mid-point of this EP comes with I Wish. Keeping the soft feeling, the music is more dramatic, it sounds sad and the lyrics are pretty much made up of emotion. The main folk element is brilliant done; it’s really catchy which is keeping me glued to this disc. The singing and instrumental chemistry is beautiful so far through this, the choruses in the songs have this power behind them that takes you away from the mellow mood.


Us Proof, sounds like a mash up of the three previous songs into one, which I find is pretty cool. With the calm soothing sound from I Wish, horn section from Guilty As Charged and the powerful vocals from Save Us assemble like The Avengers and dish out a solid track.


Little C seems dedicated to someone, as the Bandcamp and EP cover says the art work was made by this person. It’s a beautiful end track, the guitars acoustic and electric work together like jam and toast and is delicious to taste.


This whole EP as a whole has a wonderful chemistry which is crafted very nicely. The songs are very catchy and instrumentally solid when it comes to folk writing, the playing and horn section are a wonderful touch to a good feel.


However the lyrics have a deeper meaning, dramatic if I must say, it’s focused on emotional commitment that is mainly about love. With these two combined it’s a great way to tell a story in each song and people can not only nod their heads to this, but can relate in most aspects to the lyrics.

The singing is charming, especially the harmonies, and soft vocals with power behind them in typically timed aspects in songs give it a weird grunge feel, in a good way.

The Long Way Round is a great piece of music, any folk lovers should purchase this, kick back, have some crisps or eat healthy eating curry and chill out to what I think is a great mixture of soothing and catchy music.




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