The Beatrix Players @ The Glebe

The Glebe was teeming with music lovers in high anticipation of London ladies Beatrix Players, but whetting the appetite for the eagerly awaited headliners was acoustic ace Nixon Tate, and upon the strike of the first chord a prominent swarm scurried keenly towards the stage. Soft, soothing, serene – I suspect there’s a plethora of adjectives beginning with S to describe Nixon Tate’s signature approach to the folk genre however I’m going with a T for Tranquil. With mellow guitars matched by tender vocals; Nixon Tate’s distinctive flair is indisputable and clearly evident in the catalogue of songs played on the night, but Widows Peak has to be the hands down favourite. Seconds in and the gentle melody engulfs you in its peace like a musical sedative, as the sound of the track progressively becomes increasingly atmospheric.

It was unanimously known amongst onlookers that the climactic pinnacle of the night had arrived when the all-female trio gracefully inhabited the stage to play a final gig in Stoke-on-Trent after appearing on various radio stations in the area; before returning South. Admittedly, beforehand I held some uncertainties surrounding the Cello, but my queries soon diminished when the empowered orchestral sound of Beatrix Players was in full flow. And when performing songs such as Unpolished Pearl we see that no percussion is no problem, the lack of any drums only strengthened the impact of their unique blend of classical elements that layer flawlessly to complement the elegant vocals. With a sound that I can only describe as enchantingly dark, I urge you not to miss them again whenever they return to Stoke!


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