Bison and Wolf @ The Exchange 05/03/14

An artist with unbelievable talent and emotion; Adam French delicately graced The Exchange stage with himself, his instruments and decorative backdrops. Whilst Adam is on his guitar its finger picking goodness, as well as a clever foot drum that echoes and adds a depth to French’s already deep lyrics. His rough yet subtle vocal sings; “in the car, on the way home, I’ll make you shiver” the audience were falling in love with Adam’s stunning success of Shiver. French has an EP coming out soon.

I finally got the chance to catch Mutineers live; amazing. Just like I imagine; engaging poetic lyrics and honest melodies, even being from Manchester the crowd loved the atmosphere created and sung the anthem chorus. Each member had an original personality that shone through their exciting performance. Mutineers are currently on a mini tour with their new single Loves A Killer; a feverish single with their hallmark harmonies, it got everyone singing along and dancing. With the set ending with Shadow Kisses and Hyde Road these tracks provoked an immense sing-a-long and it brought it too an unforgettable end.

With atmospheric music to see them on the stage; Cardinal made a heavy impact with their American rock influenced tunes. Named on Facebook as three piece male band but I’m sure I saw a female keyboardist; this added a dimension which twists the weighted riff hooks and oblivious chasing choruses into a grungy pop like manner. Cardinal are down the pathway of emotional hard-core; melody with sensibility and a stronger personal take on lyrics.

It was a single launch party for Bison and Wolf; they gathered a healthy, appreciative crowd, I personally didn’t quite realise how popular they were. Bison and Wolf have a strong alternative rock sound with jangly pop riffs and a hard/soft contrast in dynamics. All thanks to the fist pumping performance, the single While We Wait was played twice. The triumphant melancholic chorus clearly struck a chord with the crowd. Something about Bison and Wolf’s new single has started a new hype for alternative rock music.




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