Moscow EP Pack Animals 08/03/14

Moscow’s ‘Pack Animals’ EP kicks off with Killing Hope, initially the song is a mist of reverberating guitars, repetitive drums and echoing vocals that tenderly build up and up until they accumulate into an eruption of flaring psychedelic melodies. The longer this track goes on the greater the overwhelming sense of anticipation which ultimately leads up to an impressively powerful and heavy finish, the song is so beautifully mysterious that when you’re listening you can never predict where it’s going next.

The next two songs on the EP Out of Time and Pack Animals are very similar in the way that I can vividly envisage the carnage that would ensue when they’re performed live. Both tracks sport such intricately crafted choruses and a formidable combination of gritty guitars and unmistakably passionate vocals; they both have the characteristics of a total rock anthem, as you listen you can feel the adrenaline propel vigor into your veins, the sound that Moscow produce is almost like the soundtrack to a rebellion.

The EP concludes with Truth Vibration, the crunching sound of the previous two songs molds to take on a more hypnotic form whilst still maintaining that signature raw, empowered sound layered deep in the background of the track to preserve the uniform intensity that gives Moscow a profoundly unique sound that compels me to hit replay over and over.

This EP was a delight to review and I’d be very surprised if we don’t see Out of Time being bellowed in a packed Arena in a couple of years’ time. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to listen to it again!




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