Sound Casino – Flashback 10/03/14

I saw Sound Casino live last year being under aware of what or who they are. To me they were like that Skittles Sours flavour, you never expect to like them, but once you’ve tried them it’s quite a surprise.

The intro of the song consists of guitar notes being played with a bit of delay on them, they seem mildly distorted that isn’t too perfect, but it works.
The bass sound comes in, and it’s a nice heavy sound lurking in the background. The song all kicks in with the strumming sounding more rapid.
The vocals come in, the reverb on the vocals added nicely to the deep droning sound coming from the bass.
The mood of the song quietly creeps up behind you until it hits the chorus, where all the music is played it comes together in a solid mix.
It’s a decent track, and after finally giving these guys a listen to their studio recordings it’s a nice insight to one of their songs which I think is a good tune.


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