Delamere Single Launch @ The Deaf Institute 08/03/14

The Deaf Institute in Manchester was the place to be on March 8th 2014. It was Delamere’s single launch night and it was one to be remembered. Three bands were on show, The Hymek Manoeuvre, Glass Tides and Headlining the night Delamere.
Kicking the night off in style was The Hymek Manoeuvre. A 6 piece band whose tunes were upbeat and catchy. There wasn’t a single song in the set that you wouldn’t dance to and the crowd made sure that they were just upbeat as the music they were listening too. Big vocals, tight harmonies and an energetic performance made sure that their set would be one to be remembered.
Up next were Glass Tides. They owned the stage from the minute they set foot on it. Slowing it down from the previous band they played a set full of anthemic tunes which were carried by big chorus’. The whole set was full of soul and one thing that set them apart from other bands was the use of the Violin. It complimented every song it was in and made the band stand out. Every sound coming from the stage was mesmerizing and always left you wanting more.
Headlining the whole night was Delamere and they made sure that the crowd knew it was their night. It was their single launch and they made sure the crowd had as much fun as they did on stage. Instead of playing to the crowd for a full 45 minutes they broke their set up with little entertaining things such as little drum intros to songs and occasionally joking with the crowd. They made sure that the night finished lively and upbeat and they really got the crowd going. Their whole set was fun and they created a great atmosphere from the second they started playing with every song being a sing a long. They are the first non Manchester band to sell out their single launch at The Deaf Institute and judging by the reaction of the crowd, Delamere are going to go on to big things and their single ‘Do you want me?’ will go far.


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