Lawless @ Sugarmill 14/03/14


The first band is Already Gone, no they did actually turn up before that name throws you off. It was a very strange atmosphere coming from these guys as they have recently reformed with a new line up. A new vocalist was something that was talked about for a bit, and I never expected to see someone so giant yet good with his voice. He has a really good voice, even though the chemistry isn’t perfect for this band yet as they seem to be on different levels of performance, they still had a near solid performance when it came to sound.


The next band was called The Event. Each member came on to their own theme tune which was cool if you get the references. The lead singer came on with sunglasses which I thought was odd, only The Blues Brothers could pull off wearing sunglasses at anytime and anywhere.  Someone in the crowd asked “why are you wearing sunglasses?” whilst the singer replied “so I don’t see your face.” As humorous as that comeback was, the answer to that question is hard to find. Even though Summer Lovin’ wasn’t on the set list, it was a very good performance vocally and instrumentally.

Nice and simple, they played songs which were quite catchy and easy listening.

The vocal harmonies were the best out of the 3 bands, with the drummer and bassist supplying their backing vocals making the songs making them more energetic during their performance.

On to the headliners, and these guys I was really looking forward too.

With most of the audience double (even triple, perhaps) my age they were itching to see these live.

They came on the stage and started immediately.


One thing I like is how melodic yet heavy these guys are, something so light yet destructive, like skipping through a minefield.

Paul’s voice sounds melodic, even better live than he sounds on record.

The only issue I can fault is that the backing vocals during the first half of their set seemed too quiet, until halfway through where Tabbie’s vocals could be heard. Instrumentally they were the best, even though the guitarist seemed to be the main attraction due to the awesome riffs and the nice solos that got everyone’s attention.


It was heavy and melodic, even though some of the songs may have cheesy names it doesn’t bother me, they are well written and performed brilliantly.

Tonight consisted of easy listening rock music, with the age range of the audience it seems like there was enough for everybody.




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