Pickering White @ Retro Bar Manchester 28/03/14

Another stepping stone for Pickering White took place at the Retro Bar in Manchester. After tantrums from Almost Easy, potential from Amplified Bandits and an amazing set from Kindest of Thieve, Pickering White left a postive foot print in Manchester.

With this being their 5th gig on their Bye Bye Baby tour, it was a performance to reminisce. The popular, former hype chart number one single is by far the most admired by the committed fans as well as their version of Folsom Prison Blues because of their quirky upbeat melodies. Pickering White has intelligence within their lyrics especially in songs such as; Bullet to the Sun and Take It Away. Meaningful lyrics with a soulful, gorgeous female vocal with added harmonies, is something that is missing from the music industry at the moment and these have it. The new tune, You Always Want, What You Can’t Have has a retro rock and roll 60’s twang; the bluesy vocal rhythm could, in the future be their crowd pleaser tune. Lady Blue Sky to end an energetic set saw a stage invasion of all their fans; these are definitely bringing back the retro sound.




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