6 Towns Radio FM Fundraisier @ Sugarmill 28/04/2014

Where Radicals Rising lives, breaths and sleeps and where Richie unwinds, 6 Towns Radio host a night presented at Sugarmill with Jesse McClure. It was lovely to see so many familiar and new faces supporting 6 Towns Radio for our FM fund.

Fresh from supporting Take That star Gary Barlow, Marc Williams opens the night by smashing out his soulful vocal which intrigued one and all. Just Marc and his guitar makes one beautiful sound, it’s quite unbelievable how much attention this singer/songwriter was getting. Marc has a traditional, British songwriters influence that sails down the route towards a sharpen modern wave of sound.  From Youtube videos and now connected with View My Gig; keep your eye on Marc Williams!

They grow more talent and pick more out of the musically, experimental box every time I watch The Castaways. Tonight was undoubtedly the strongest I’ve seen them. Slotting into the category of, ‘typical guitar band’, works as they keep it simple and irresistible; The Castaways are taking that risk just like Arctic Monkeys in the earlier days of writing about, everyday nifty tales of complaining about steps in a small town as teens. Ending with Under the Thumb these four lads at the age they are and the talents they have, grasp a promising certainty for the future.

Introduced by Jesse McClure as, “Modern Minds gonna blow ya minds”, as clichéd as this sounds, Modern Minds smashed their first time at Sugarmill. They start their firing set by igniting Girl at the Back of the Lens; the synth guitar powered trackhas one of their finest breakdowns which provoke flames to show off each spark of talent they have. Modern Minds write songs with hidden meanings, the gritty glossy contrast in Pritchard’s vocal wrings these meanings out every syllable at a time. To intensify vocals, Bills and Williams join Pritchard and that strengthen with radiant heat, it pulls people deeper into the intense Modern Minds abyss. Energy was feverish till the very end, through music and their bouncy hair tossing stage presence. Undeniably a band to watch.

So after an eventful auction by Jesse McClure, Ryan Dooley after 6 Years of being busy with All the Young and other projects, he goes solo again. It was an intimate striped back set with good old ATY favorite, covers and solo originals. ATY favorite, New Education was taken down to a basic level without the swaggering vocals but instead a soft husky vocal much like Paul Weller. It was great to see Ryan back in the local music scene.





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