Moving Moscow, Wave on Wave – Single Review

I’m completely and utterly astounded by the fact that this is Moving Moscow’s debut single, surely this was a mistake!? ‘Wave on Wave’ produces a sound so evidently defined and developed which long standing veterans of the music world can only aspire to achieve. Each layer of the track exhaustively considers every element contributing to the songs heartening atmospheric the stirring vocals, gripping guitars, even the minute dashes of synth to project the true emotion instilled within the melody – could there be any better single to debut with?



Delamere @ Sugarmill 23/05/2014

The sharpest I’ve personally seen Logical Drama, playing a song you only finished that day is a risk however Logical Drama flaunted the fact that they took the risk and accomplished with clever talent. One of Logical Drama’s best tracks is Giant there is a slight indie rock vein running through it with pure catchiness from the grimy guitars and absurd lyrics. The contrast of playing Escape from Reality then, Through my Eyes, saw the maturity that has grown within the past 7 months. As well as the high standard of flair in their music, confidence and stage presence is starting to build that ladder of creativity.

Without a doubt South Wall Corner wherever and whenever they perform they create this peaceful, cosy atmosphere. It’s something different that captures minds and disorders people’s imaginations. To make that intimacy picture-perfect, Jack should bring the drums forward, this way every little nook and cranny of South Wall Corner Club is enjoyed in even more of an original way. I’m a sucker for x amount of harmonies, SWCC have harmonies spot on. SWCC somewhat remind me of a completely stripped back, The XX. Birds of War has been updated and unmistakably has made it my favourite tune; with the refreshing instrumental SWCC are stepping up a gear or two.

Manchester based Flesh are a band visual and musically endowed. First band of the night to create a contrast between their walk on song and their actually music was these. Walking on to a raving dance tune got everyone awake and intrigued – somewhat an exceptionally clever idea. Snot poppers Flesh are all about distortion, reverb and lots of it; dressed like throwbacks from the 90’s Flesh were just something different that spiced the line-up, up.

Another band making that contrast between their walk on song and their music was headliners Delamere. From Kayne West too their indie ambiance it was a spot on contrast. Mixing old tunes with new kept the set fresh. Delamere unquestionably have become one of Staffordshire favourite bands. The professionalism, music and confidence is superior. As a live band they have it all. Heart is by far the track of the night. The mesmerizing performance from Will and James both on the floor tom drums it was a refreshing spray of how amazing Delamere are. Their next single Head Strong has a grungy indie feel, recorded at Parr Street Studios and released by Scruff of the Neck records, it’s got potential right there to be a cracker in the local scene and beyond.



Psyence – Chemical for Breakfast – Single Review 09/05/14

Psychedelic music is rarely celebrated in the wonderful land in Stoke On Trent. We all love to hear some music coming from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, so it’s nice to have some taste of music like that.
Psyence – could probably make the lovers of, Summer of ’69 grab some LSD and sit there in pure wonder and confusion.
The intro to the song has a great feel for it; it’s a soft sound that eventually builds up to guitar distortion and a chug along bassline that nicely filters in.
It’s got great progression and transition.
After 2 minutes or so, the song breaks down in this smooth solo and riff section which keeps the song going greatly.
Everything in that section changes into different instrumentals when the time is right, and eventually continues back to vocals.
Chemicals for Breakfast, proves that there is more to bands that come from this local area than meets the eye.

Psyence have got what it takes to kick some arse in the music industry, their music is not only a nostalgic trip of rock, but also its fresh enough to be brought to a younger audience.


Dirty Money No.5 – Bang Bang – Single Review

Whilst the local 6 piece’s new single ‘Bang Bang’ inherits that signature Ska sound within the rebounding buoyance of the guitars that vibrantly coil and spring to each vaulting beat, there is also a complete diversity to it, being refined in sections with edges of Rock’n’Roll and complemented wholly by a spirited vocal melody. And it’s great to be saying all this; because those initial few seconds that opened the song almost propelled me into a stagnant state of terror; anticipating a song that roughly 100 Ska artists could mistakenly claim ‘was theirs first’ – However my assumptions were utterly shattered by the unique sound of ‘Bang Bang’, abolish your pre-conceptions on Ska and rip them up into tiny pieces; Dirty Money No. 5 definitely bring something new to the table.