Psyence – Chemical for Breakfast – Single Review 09/05/14

Psychedelic music is rarely celebrated in the wonderful land in Stoke On Trent. We all love to hear some music coming from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, so it’s nice to have some taste of music like that.
Psyence – could probably make the lovers of, Summer of ’69 grab some LSD and sit there in pure wonder and confusion.
The intro to the song has a great feel for it; it’s a soft sound that eventually builds up to guitar distortion and a chug along bassline that nicely filters in.
It’s got great progression and transition.
After 2 minutes or so, the song breaks down in this smooth solo and riff section which keeps the song going greatly.
Everything in that section changes into different instrumentals when the time is right, and eventually continues back to vocals.
Chemicals for Breakfast, proves that there is more to bands that come from this local area than meets the eye.

Psyence have got what it takes to kick some arse in the music industry, their music is not only a nostalgic trip of rock, but also its fresh enough to be brought to a younger audience.



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