Sworn To Oath @ Sugarmill 06/06/14

It’s time for big headliners; for one of the most well-known Stoke bands in recent years, Sworn To Oath, but first, let’s go through the support acts.


The first act to come on the stage is I Am Pariah, a hard-core band with a point to prove it seems. The energy from the bands remained great, and was one of the four bands who got a crowd reaction and also communicated quite a bit with them. Even though the screaming and the music were all fine, the only major fault I can pick is the lead guitar. The sound of it was a very sharp and at times piercing, it should have had a lot more distortion and when it came to rhythm it didn’t sound as tight as it should of.

Besides that it was a lively performance and the crowd that were there to witness it seemed happy with it. (7/10)


The next band was Wicked Snakes, who seemed to have more power backing them rather than breakdowns. The vocals on their singer remind me of Russell Allen from Symphony X, but then again they did give me a vibe that reminded me of Adrenaline Mob. The heavy riffs and the slow tempo with powerful vocals sounded great throughout their set, though the vocals are hard to take in when the music becomes soft. The singer tried to talk to the crowd, but they seemed quite silent.

Besides barely any interaction, they were solid when it comes to sound and live performance (7/10)


Up next to kick some arse is Greater Ghost, who was brilliant. They had their own stage props, two huge lights that brought the bottom floor of The Sugarmill out of darkness. They had a great effect, one, the performance they offered and two, they were brilliant. The sound was almost perfect, a bit of microphone troubles for a second but it’s nothing to take to a negative judgement. Vocally and instrumentally they were spot on, they were concentrated on their performance it became intriguing. Everybody watching them enjoyed it, and hearing that their music is now free to download should be an excuse for anyone to jump on. They were slightly proggy and heavy aspects, with soft voices that carried out the performance.

Thomas Shaw from Sworn To Oath came on the stage and made a great appearance. (9/10)


Speaking of Sworn To Oath, they were excellent. What came from the calm mood setter from Greater Ghost was immediately smashed open with aggression. The guitar tone was brilliant and heavy, as nice fistful of distortion and awesome riffage to go straight into your ears. Vocals were spot on from all of the members and the crowd reaction was great, one of the best pits I’ve seen at this venue in a while for a local band. The crowd were controlled and they went mental, as did the band. The guitar playing was brilliant, the drumming was brilliant…everything was spot on; I haven’t been to a local gig like that for a while. It was a thunderous atmosphere that saw loads of people rushing to get their new album, Pillars, near the end of the gig.

It’s just great that Sworn To Oath managed make this one of my favourite gigs from a local band so far, and I’m sure most of the people were impressed by this performance.

It was solid, heavy and didn’t quit for anything, a great gig. (10/10)




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