The Motives – The Sugarmill – 15/06/14

Despite everyone being more bothered about football than live music every band on the line up at The Sugarmill showed their full potential; especially Twin Cities. They are a fairly new band in the local scene with already strong musically elements. The catchiness of Twin Cities stays with you particularly in their first tune of debut EP – Lips. It’s an alternative indie tune with a nice soft tone which makes it easy listening. I love a band with strong stage presence and luckily for Twin Cities they have it – passionate live band.


Quality stage presence from Pickering White as soon as they made their first steps on stage and instruments were picked up. The Guitar riffs made you think you were at a Jimi Hendrix gig with ever so strong vocals from the extremely confident Jennifer Pickering; if Liam Gallagher were a woman it was this woman, the charisma demonstrated could have controlled Wembley. Powerful beats from the drums were teasing a mosh pit; shouts from the crowd loved the newly added drummer of Charlie. Fans clearly love Pickering White, and why wouldn’t they? 50’s blues rock and bass players joining the crowd, nothing beats it. Dancing, singing and plenty of photos. Pickering White remains to keep rock n roll alive… At least in Stoke on Trent.

The night The Motives had been waiting for… The England game. The Alex turner influence comes out through frontman Alex ‘Burt’ Grocock, the seriousness with element of humour and wit delivered in every aspect of the performance with guitar twangs and twitches of the face from both Burt and William Plant. Strong beats in 4/4 kept the crowd on their toes and making heads bounce. Especially that of Cal Tinsley, despite the lack of enthusiasm demonstrated by the front three of The Motives, Cal on drums knows how to have a good time at whatever he’s doing.        Every person the lads sold a ticket to clearly loved them for their very Arctic Monkeys influenced songs and amazing personalities on stage. The band covered Days are Forgotten by Kasabian, if you had shut your eyes you may have believed you were at an actual Kasabian gig with a very similar vocal style. The night may not have been as buzzing as The Motives had wished for, however it was clear to see that these set of lads were so appreciative of all the support they had been given. The Motives continue their triumph about Stoke on Trent by hitting The Underground with a headline 18th July.



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