The Personas – Sugarmill – 15/09/14

Indie Rock band The Personas, from Stoke-on-Trent, spread an infectious energetic vibe through the Sugarmill on Friday night, creating one of the best crowd reactions I’ve seen in a while. Their set included covers of The Black Keys and Two Door Cinema Club embedded in a mix of their own songs, most of which had a traditional indie vibe and were very catchy. However, there was a clever taste of rockiness, which provided that edge that really makes this band enjoyable to listen to. It was a struggle to find anyone standing still long enough to ask them what they thought of the gig, but one person I spoke to said, “I’ve seen them many times and they’re just consistently good, the crowd is always amazing, they remind me of really early Arctic Monkeys” whilst another said. “that was the best crowd I’d been in for a long while, I’m absolutely buzzing after that, they were brilliant”. With their excellent choice of covers and equally impressive songs of their own, I feel that great things could come of this band. Their support act, Greenroom, provided an enjoyable set and built up a good atmosphere for The Personas. Their songs included punchy, fast and edgy songs that really got the crowd moving with an occasional slow and reflective song to allow a well needed rest from a hectic crowd. My favourite song of the set was their final one; it had an incredibly catchy guitar motif with a fast paced beat that made dancing inevitable. Their music had a modern, mature feel that could still be enjoyed by all.

Over all, a brilliant gig with a lively atmosphere provided by two very talented bands,


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