Parisian Youth Culture – Throw me Away – Single Review

Parisian Youth Culture, their new single, Throw me Away was released 11th June. Straight away, I can confirm that their creative and original name is a perfect match for their incredibly catchy music.

To produce a song that is melodic, interesting and catchy is a hard task- but Parisian Youth Culture have done just that with this single. I was even able to remember the chorus after the first few listens! The single itself has a fast pace, one that would encourage energy, spirit and would undoubtedly get a crowd jumping at any festival. The catchy tune of the song is complemented by the powerful vocals which give the song an edgy rock feel to their indie style tune. The sound is very relatable to Two Door Cinema Club and Foals but portrays a mood similar to that of The Vaccines. It’s defiantly a song for the summer and I recommend you add this to your playlist right away and keep an eye out for this upcoming and very talented band!



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