All The Best Tapes – Album Review 22/06/14

The album starts off very energetic and upbeat, which in my eyes is a perfect way to start an album.

The energy coursing through I Want to Believe is a great feeling, with solid production and great riffs going through the songs. The vocals are easy to follow with and fits the bouncy mood this song has, instrumentally swell and tight in performance.

Nine Masks follows and offers a more settled down approach until the chorus which is practically roared through my headphones. There are great aspects of music genres, it’s a strange mix as its punk yet it progresses through the song. It sounds like a Yes song in a few parts, and Yes are pretty darn good.


Life Of Gold takes us back to the energy, and this song reeks of even more early progressive rock vibes. Vocally it’s impressive as there are screams as well as cleans, both are done very well. The intro to the song is good as well, the soft gentle vibes along with the progressive chugging of the instruments keep it fresh.

Conservatoria in Three Times continues the energetic feel, with synthesisers becoming more notable in the sound on the album.

The Iron Rod is great instrumentally, the fast vocals were quite off putting at first, but become more fitting throughout the song. The tempo change adds a great effect, you either want to bounce around or sit down and have a creepy smile as if you’ve smoked sh**load of crack. The delay sounds on the guitars add a nice ambient feel during the calmer parts of the song, kind of feels like it’s come off Hysteria by Def Leppard. Unlike Def Leppard, there is a lot more to this band when it comes to genre versatility.


New Ribs has more to offer out of the songs so far on this album, it’s the second longest song at the duration of 4:03. It’s explosive, relaxing and decent all into a great musical mixture for a lot of people to enjoy. The end of this song offers different styles of playing and genres, and goes nicely straight into Soft Light.Another introduction that differs from when the vocals come in, this time it starts calm and goes batsh*t crazy. This song offers a heavier side to All The Best Tapes, with a nice screamed vocals from a hard-core/punk background of music. It does the album justice as it’s all just a vortex of rock fusion.


I’ve Been Bored Since 9/11 again offers decent musical performances and a great chanting part nearing the end of the song. The last song was obviously going to pack a punch, and We Judged It by the Waves does exactly that. It starts off as this progressive break down and continues with this heavy riff and crashing symbols throughout the song. The last minute offers a soft and gentle instrumental that fades the album out.


All the Best Tapes have got this album straight to the point.

They called themselves progressive punk according to their Facebook page, but they are one of few bands who know what they are on about. You can only of heard of most of the bands they are influenced by in order to fully respect what they are doing.

The tempo changes, the genre transitions and the music in general is solid and packs a cracking punch to the face. As I have said plenty of times the energy off this album gives them their own distinctive trait that separates them from most bands.

I have to admit, I never paid much attention to this band until the album review popped up, and to be honest I regret this, All The Best Tapes’ self-titled adventure sounds like the start of something solid, but hopefully they can experiment with other genres in their future releases.

Punk and Prog seem to collide, especially when both of the genres had their heyday in the 70’s, as punk became rebellious against the pomposity and complexity of progressive rock music.

This band makes them best buddies, and it’s as if they are skipping through a field of daisies with these genres not giving a single sh*t.

A solid release and I want more to come from All The Best Tapes.





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