Steve Cradock @ The Exchange

Steve Cradock returned to Stoke with his new recent album Travel Wild, Travel Free along with new blues rockers Callaghan, soulful four piece Malthouse and indie ravers The Rivalry.

Formed in the early months on 2014, Callaghan has sure marched in the local music scene with power. With only a demo to listen to online, Callaghan has tunes which could easier be a strong single for them. Laying down a strong blues rock and roll influence, they show rock and roll isn’t dead in Stoke. The cockiness of front man Grant somehow, in Callaghan works. As well as the stage presence being a great live characteristic of the band, actually watching them is awesome. Callaghan is a group complete of four genuinely talented musicians. Next stop is Tahiti Rocks, Hanley supporting Modern Minds 27th June.

Malthouse impress again. The whole set was at a pinnacle. Even old tunes like Black Mamba still had that wow factor. Adding Emily on vocals has, and always will be one of Malthouse’s greatest ideas. Her expressive vocal strikes notes like Janis Joplin and a hint of Etta James. Creating intense and precise harmonies enhance the romantic but yet voyeur charm of the songwriter. The raw talent of Malthouse cuts through every emotion you have. Kieran’s soulful voice conveys such strong emotion that feels completely primal and natural. Jon is one of Stoke’s finest guitarists, with his slick style and attentiveness he adds a subtle flair of artistic riffs, which provide the foundation of rhythm throughout Malthouse’s melodies. Staveley Sessions EP is going to be a big one.

Still standing strong in the local music scene – The Rivalry, I don’t know one person who doesn’t appreciate the music; the music which is something different, something that is maturing constantly and something raw yet colossal. A set with good old classics and some new tunes was the perfect balance. The whole indie rock and roll, house rave package is faultless. The languorous vocal conveys cosmic insights to the songwriter. The Rivalry has a clever backbone which is treasured. New recordings will be release soon and music video! Next stop is Manchester 4th July.

Steve Cradock and his band performed acoustically. Mainly tunes from Travel Wild, Travel Free which has a change in sound from previous albums. Its music to relax too, music to jam out and chill with. Steve was joined by Sally (his wife) on vocal, she’s known to be a happy hippy and this was conveyed on stage, singing with a smile makes the music easier to enjoy. Cradock’s music was completely stripped back, it was a shame he didn’t play the good old favourite but at the same time it was great to see him so passionate about his new 60s psychedelic vibes. Favourite tune had to be Doodlebook, the catchy bounciness caught my attention.




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