Daniel Marsden – Untill Out Of View – EP Review 26/06/14


The first song on the Until Out Of View EP starts off with a soft and ambient sound. The vocals are soft and the feeling of the song is relaxing, Bloom is a great start for a gentle mood. The bass just does its own thing through the song carrying the rhythm through to the end. It’s slightly progressive when it comes to the song instrumentally; the end of the song has a nice build up. The music alone sound quite edgy, dark at times, but it’s nicely put together and produced.

One Two Three Four, has a similar feel, but there is more of a beat to this song. Following on from the quietness of Bloom, there are nice sounds like chimes and at some point Baba O’Reilly by The Who. It’s a nice song, a lot more catchy than the previous song. One Two Three Four, is a calm feeling, but it’s alive, quite like a cockroach after a nuclear explosion. The chorus is repetitive, and it has a nice rough recording sound during a segment of the song which builds back up to the calm sound.

Born as Romans seems strictly acoustic; it’s a quiet song that relies on deep vocal harmonies. For some reason listening to this felt like I should of watched Juno or something. Halfway through the song it has the gentle chime sounds from, one two three four, which kind of makes this feel like Daniel has merged Bloom and One Two Three Four into one song. Ornamental Birds, is my favourite song on the EP, it’s the longest song on the EP so it has more to it. It’s got that beautiful ambient feeling, along with the gentle percussion and guitars that feel quite light to listen to, kind of like being tickled with a feather in your ear (well, not quite.)

The whole EP is just a gentle listen to, the only fault I can pick for it is Bloom being a bit too short for my liking, it’s just preference.

Until Out Of View is a sweet ride into an ambient journey with calm vocal harmonies and ear massaging instrumentals, it’s a pleasant experience.




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