Stu Whiston – Take A Stride – EP Review 26/06/14

With an EP titled, Take a Stride signifies this could be about seizing risks and choosing the right decisions to take that stride which will lead to bigger and better opportunities. All three tracks have been recorded in Parr Street Studio’s in Liverpool and mastered by The Exchange in London.

Singer/songwriter, Stu Whiston released a single, There Was a Time back in late 2013. Couple months down the line, its re-produced, rearranged and is sounding precise as ever. With a completely stripped back drum roll that soon builds into the striking riffs, There Was a Time still has that catchy element and dream like vocals. “We used to be so happy”, Stu creates relatable lyrics because somewhere is someone’s life is something that has made us happy and it no longer exists.

A song combined by a wistful acoustic guitar and a drone of vocals; Dirty Day has a modern indie rock atmosphere. Then it has a distorted delayed kick in creating a foot tapping melody. Dirty Day is a blasé guitar driven tune which pushes emotional buttons again with his lyrics; “People remind me of you and me”.

Not Enough Hours is distinctively influenced by the ‘Brit-pop’ music era. The hard-hitting, pulsing rhythm assorted with guitar and keyboards is stadium standard. It has a well-thumbed collection of classic indie rock vibes. Again, Stu hits top marks lyrical. Opening Not Enough Hours with a mystic unanswerable question, “What is this?” sounds like something The Verve would produce.

Overall, Take a Stride has three compelling story telling tracks assisted with beautiful melodies.



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