Paper Tigers ‘Lifeblood’ EP Review 03/07/14

Paper Tigers are back with their new record LifeBlood, a follow up to their brilliant debut EP Safe In Words. Due for full release on 7/7/14, with this new record, they had a lot to live up to.

The record kicks off with the track Majestic Twelve. It starts with a haunting intro, with a dramatic drum beat building up into a fierce chorus. It’s a great introduction track and sets the sound for the rest of the record.

Haunts is my personal favourite. It’s another powerful track that’s been brilliantly constructed with passionate lyrics. From the first listen, you can tell Paper Tigers have spent time perfecting it, and it’s definitely paid off.

LifeBloods has another good intro, launching into striking vocals, pounding drums and a cleverly constructed guitar riff. Overall, the result is impressive.

You can tell that in Closest North, the emotion has been channeled well into it, and again has been constructed to really absorb you into the track and the record as a whole.

El Dorado is the final song, and what a finale it is. It rounds off the record well, with a belter of a chorus and a captivating effect.

I’ve seen Paper Tigers live before and have always been impressed by their musical talent, and they definitely haven’t disappointed with this new EP.

Overall, all the tracks stick to a haunting yet intoxicating sound and you easily pick up on the emotion and effort they’ve put into creating it. With a sound similar to Kids In Glass Houses and Mallory Knox, if you’ve never listened to Paper Tigers, I’d highly recommend this impressive record and personally, I can’t wait for the official release!



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