Moral Panics @ Sugarmill 13/07/14

Taking my first steps into the Sugarmill Friday night, I thought I walked into a school disco. It was impressive to see the next generation getting into the live local music scene. It’s also great to see the next generation forming bands and performing just like first act of the night, indie rockers The Revenues. With a secure catchy original tune – Hooked – under their musically belt, it’s undeniably why these lads are so popular. With being such a young band alongside heaps of energy and talent, majority of the set were typical indie, sing a along ,feel good covers, it got the crowd going and definitely showed the potential these five lads have.

Forming only this year, Into Treason surprised the Sugarmill with their raucous talent. Their sound is undeniably forceful. They reach out to the stadium shaking rock choruses and enormous, head banging guitar work, and surprisingly all the power comes from three men. Rolling into song after song after song showed the passion and energy Into Treason have. I was tired just watching the drummer. These are going to prove very popular in the local scene once they have recordings and a few more gigs ticked off.

This band never fails to fascinate the crowd with their excellent live performance skills. Scarlett Arcade showed fans and new fans a musically experience they will remember. Decorating the stage with neon lighting and having a digital background kept all attention on them through the whole set. The music alone is an experience with a strong 80s influence, they modernise this with spin of effects and their creative flair. Gemma’s gorgeous vocals and the intense lyrics sway Scarlett Arcade over the edge to something quite out of my musically world. With such strong talent spread across each member it’s incredible that they haven’t been snapped up by an electro-pop Svengali’s yet.

The only home town gig on their summer tour and Moral Panics nailed it. Their hook laden tunes saw The Sugarmill bouncing in unison. WLVS their EP has been out for a few months now but it’s still got that refreshing musical breeze every time you see it live. Moral Panics are by far one of the most impressive live performing bands in Staffordshire and Cheshire. The indie, rock, pop, alt textures all add up and create explosions in each and every song making them each time, unique. I have good feelings about Moral Panics in the very near future!




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