Logical Drama – Swoon – Review

Every time Logical Drama have boasted a new single, I’ve proclaimed it to be “their best work to date” – here we are again with hot off the press Swoon and I’m at risk of repeating myself. Frankly, I don’t know how Logical Drama do it; they release one incredible piece of music, and completely and utterly steamroll it with an all the more superior piece. It’d be entirely iniquitous to state that Swoon invalidates a collection of their previous work; however I unreservedly believe that this is a colossal step up.

Swoon opens with a chilling pluck of strings, transmitting a horror film like essence; initially you begin to speculate the depth of the song until that signature violin manifests itself within the track and pulses up and down throughout. And just as the soothing nature of the verse glides into a state of tranquillity, the track instantly brandishes instrumentals that erupt into a collision of melodies that impose a dizzying senselessness, and beneath the pure wreckage and chaos; the only solitary shimmer of clarity bellowing through the misted array of sound emanates from the compelling vocals.


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