The Taskers – Hog Wilde EP Review 24/07/14

 The Brother-Sister two piece The Taskers are back with another release, this time a 4 piece EP to bridge the gap between Rat Residence released earlier this year and their sixth album.                 They grace us with only four tracks on this release – and the first is Hogs from Hell, taken straight from Rat Residence, so it’s inclusion seems to be their simply to aid the volume of tracks on the EP.             

The second track on the release is Never Knew and Sophie takes over the track with her vocals which are sublime. The first minute is a gentle acoustic build up which is chilled, albeit dull. After that initial duration of relaxation though comes the chorus: Sophie powerfully belts out the lyrics which lifts the song up a level and the strings are much more purposeful. It’s a good well-rounded track, well worth a listen in the end – a bit of a grower.          

The third track on the release is also led by the incredible female vocals – Blinked is only a short track but it’s the best track on the EP, the acoustic riff is much less passive, and it’s the tune that will catch your attention more than anything. The track is unspectacular, but there’s something charming about it – it’s clean and extremely soothing.               

 The last track on the EP is an acoustic reimagining of Raptors which opened Rat Residence. It loses a lot of what made it such a good track on the previous album, the acoustic nature means it loses its heavy grunge style and loses a lot of its original appeal however it does adopt a style that still works, Jack’s vocals work better with the acoustic version it seems more relaxed, less forced and still maintains the structure and flowing riff that made the original great.                

The EP serves its purpose as a bridge, but they’ve only really showcased two new tracks on it – fair enough save some back for the next album; but that begs the question did the EP need releasing at all? Of course though; the musical talent is undeniable and they are 4 good tracks – If you haven’t listened to the Taskers before, listen to this EP because they do demonstrate a variety of skills and genre which epitomises them.


Nathe Owen


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