Campstag – Paper Houses – Track Review

If Camp Stag’s Paper Houses is any indicative of the essence composed in forthcoming EP Leviathan Swims put the Tree up; Christmas has come early – excuse the appalling cliché.

Personally, Paper Houses imparts such a recollected influence from Radiohead’s 2000 release Kid A with those cluttered electronic foundations constituting the underlying structure of the instrumental. However this is not to be misconceived, Camp Stag’s uniquely fashioned alternative rock aura and indie subtleties render Paper Houses impervious to any uninformed, lacklustre “copycat” arguments. Notably what Camp Stag have achieved in Paper House most creditably is instilling the track with a volatile sense that it could combust into an apex of noise erratically without ever doing so, almost like a state of ‘musical limbo’.


Finn Shardlow



Parisian Youth Culture – Basement – Track Review

Basement has all the ingredients for an exceptional indie rock track; a catchy chorus, fun guitar riffs and energetic drumming, which all come together almost effortlessly to create that indie rock sound everyone seems to love. The chorus is planted straight away into your head and by the end of my first listen I found myself singing along. Throughout the track it maintains its energy and gives off the same dynamic, fresh vibe that can be heard in many of Foals tracks, which can’t be a bad thing looking at how successful they have been.

Parisian Youth Culture definitely have both talent and potential and I’m sure there are exciting things to come in the near future for them. Overall, a great track and well worth a listen!


Oatcake Day No5 @ The Sugarmill 09/08/14

The day had finally arrived, the day ‘Stokies’ cherish – Oatcake day!

It was bigger than ever this year for the 5th year running. 6 Towns Radio were live from Sainsbury in Stoke where we set the highest record of 3 oatcakes eaten in 2 minutes also the creator of Oatcake day, Terry Bossons, delivered oatcakes to Donna Louise and Dougie Mac hospices to spread the positivity around Staffordshire then we finished the great day off with an awesome live gig at local venue The Sugarmill sponsored by Richer Sounds.

The opening act was Stafford based rock duo – The Taskers. Playing tunes from their previous album, Rat Residence it showcased their sheer power and volume of experimental talent. They’ve currently released an EP as a bridge from Rat Residence and the next album, the variety of sounds is all created on stage, musically and through their compelling stage presence.

One of the strongest sets of the night, 25 minutes full of Sonic Revolvers best tunes. Bouncing all over the stage, front man Darrell reminds me of Matt from The Pigeon Detectives. Massage his ego and he will perform. Loco Lifestyle still has that crisp, warm tone vibe to it, but we heard new tunes, especially for Oatcake Day. Black Star and Can you Hear Me? Which will be the next single for these infectious four piece – the stunning guitar solo, firm bass line and captivating drum beats, it’s certainly sounds like another Hype Chart number 1!

A supporter of Oatcake Day and 80s legend Owen Paul joined the celebration. Playing all sorts of 80s hits from Mike and the Mechanics and Simple Minds – who he did actually tour with and performed songs with. With just him on stage for 60% of the set and a backing track he seemed lost on stage but it got the audience singing along and back to their youths. He concluded the set with his biggest hit, You’re my Favourite Waste of Time, it was nice to Owen still enjoying performing and engaging the crowd.

Headlining of Oatcake Day No5 gig was another Oatcake Day supporter and The Bluetones legend – Mark Morriss. He played 90s classics that everyone sung along to and his solo album material; A Flash of Darkness was released in February. It was a lovely little intimate gig with just him and his guitar. His new material is a lot more reflective and you see more of Mark’s talent; especially when he’s live. He was a great headliner with a great personality.

Bring on Oatcake Day 6.


The Devil Blues – In The City – Single Review 05/08/14

Mike Patton may hate bands that try to sound like they’re from the 70s, but I am laid back about it when it is done right.

When it comes to The Devil Blues their main goal seems to be to make a really good and catchy song and that is what they do, fuse an old sound and make it seem fresh. They name bands like The Kinks and Nirvana as influences and you can tell if you listen closely.

In the City is darn catchy and a great song to nod along to when you’re writing reviews for Lucee. With a great drum beat and a chugging bass to start it all off, the guitar adds a retro atmosphere to their sound. The vocals are gritty and the backing vocals continue this atmosphere during the verse.

This song is a firm favourite of mine out of the songs I have heard this year from Stoke’s local scene, and it has a firm grunge style to the sound that somehow makes the song sound older than it is. With that in mind they remind me of Blue Cheer, they seem to be one of a kind in the “indie” scene at the moment and I like a band like The Devil Blues who do their best to stand out from bands who try too hard to be like Oasis.

In The City is a class tune, and deserves to be in the Hype Chart.


Matt Clewley

Boy Brave – The Fire 01/08/14

The music scene is in need of more acoustic musicians with something more than singing Ed Sheeran songs in a crappy way.

So, I got sent some acoustic songs by Boy Brave, and I was quite surprised by it.

The Fire has an immediate start with singing and music, giving off a nice and joyful folk feeling to it. The vocals give off an Elvis feel to it, but just imagine a calmer version of that man whilst listening to Fleet Foxes. It’s an intriguing folk song; the vocals fit the song perfectly. The reverb on the vocals makes the song comfortable to listen to, it could do with a little less, but it doesn’t swamp the music. It’s catchy at the chorus and a wonderful listen when the song goes on. It’s not a long song sadly; it would be nice to hear more as it does drag you away.

This song would be a great live piece, and I hope Boy Brave get some gigs coming soon, even if it’s small pub ones, it would be bliss to hear The Fire live. The song is well produced and also well written, The English vocalist should be proud of this one, I look forward to hearing more from him.

Matt C