Boy Brave – The Fire 01/08/14

The music scene is in need of more acoustic musicians with something more than singing Ed Sheeran songs in a crappy way.

So, I got sent some acoustic songs by Boy Brave, and I was quite surprised by it.

The Fire has an immediate start with singing and music, giving off a nice and joyful folk feeling to it. The vocals give off an Elvis feel to it, but just imagine a calmer version of that man whilst listening to Fleet Foxes. It’s an intriguing folk song; the vocals fit the song perfectly. The reverb on the vocals makes the song comfortable to listen to, it could do with a little less, but it doesn’t swamp the music. It’s catchy at the chorus and a wonderful listen when the song goes on. It’s not a long song sadly; it would be nice to hear more as it does drag you away.

This song would be a great live piece, and I hope Boy Brave get some gigs coming soon, even if it’s small pub ones, it would be bliss to hear The Fire live. The song is well produced and also well written, The English vocalist should be proud of this one, I look forward to hearing more from him.

Matt C


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