The Devil Blues – In The City – Single Review 05/08/14

Mike Patton may hate bands that try to sound like they’re from the 70s, but I am laid back about it when it is done right.

When it comes to The Devil Blues their main goal seems to be to make a really good and catchy song and that is what they do, fuse an old sound and make it seem fresh. They name bands like The Kinks and Nirvana as influences and you can tell if you listen closely.

In the City is darn catchy and a great song to nod along to when you’re writing reviews for Lucee. With a great drum beat and a chugging bass to start it all off, the guitar adds a retro atmosphere to their sound. The vocals are gritty and the backing vocals continue this atmosphere during the verse.

This song is a firm favourite of mine out of the songs I have heard this year from Stoke’s local scene, and it has a firm grunge style to the sound that somehow makes the song sound older than it is. With that in mind they remind me of Blue Cheer, they seem to be one of a kind in the “indie” scene at the moment and I like a band like The Devil Blues who do their best to stand out from bands who try too hard to be like Oasis.

In The City is a class tune, and deserves to be in the Hype Chart.


Matt Clewley


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