Campstag – Paper Houses – Track Review

If Camp Stag’s Paper Houses is any indicative of the essence composed in forthcoming EP Leviathan Swims put the Tree up; Christmas has come early – excuse the appalling cliché.

Personally, Paper Houses imparts such a recollected influence from Radiohead’s 2000 release Kid A with those cluttered electronic foundations constituting the underlying structure of the instrumental. However this is not to be misconceived, Camp Stag’s uniquely fashioned alternative rock aura and indie subtleties render Paper Houses impervious to any uninformed, lacklustre “copycat” arguments. Notably what Camp Stag have achieved in Paper House most creditably is instilling the track with a volatile sense that it could combust into an apex of noise erratically without ever doing so, almost like a state of ‘musical limbo’.


Finn Shardlow



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