Campstag’s EP Release @ Exchange 01/09/14

There is a handful of country, folk, rock and roll bands in Staffordshire and Cheshire but, Moitessier – they are something else. They grasp the genres in a true rock and roll manner. The grooviest band for sure, caught my attention from the minute they begun. As well as the music beautifully crafted together, the set as a whole was spot on, perfect in fact from start to finish. Something I’ve never seen live before, is; the drummer moving to guitar and vocals, the guitarist/vocalist moving too guitar and guitarist moving to drums! (If I got that right) it was incredible to see the experienced, extremely talented lads of Moitessier showing off their full musically potentially. Definitely one of Staffordshire and Cheshire’s most under rated bands and the one to watch.

Moscow never ever has disappointed and in all honesty I don’t think they will – ever! With a stunning recipe for eccentric performances the whole band are riveting. The set was a solid, compact with new material, tunes from their EP Pack Animals and of course the golden oldies which saw an uproar of Moscow fans, screaming the lyrics along with Nic. Strolling from the mirror backed stage, through the equally wild fans to the bar, swinging from bars, crawling and all ways you can move obscurely, Nic is by far one of my favourite front men of all time. Overall; totally mesmerizing.

One of Staffordshire and Cheshire’s all-time favourite bands completed the night of extraordinary talent- Campstag, I know no one who dislikes the loveable foursome. It was a big night for them, releasing their next EP Leviathan, which also came with its own homemade beer, which is a first for a local band, I do believe. The EP overall is structurally amazing. Already by gazing into the audience, they know the EP tunes; they are tracks that stick with you. As well as that, we hear more golden oldies for the evening, like their past singles Hide and Seek and Walking with Broken Bones – still have that alternative Campstag musically stamp! Purely and simply a great recorded and live band.



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