The Rebellion @ Sugarmill 07/09/14

Kicking the night off was fairly new band on the scene – Idle. For such a young band, confidence and talent is sure not to shy away from the stage. With, already a debut EP and a handful of successful gigs under their musically belt, Idle, are one to keep your eye out on. They played tunes from their EP, Better Days, the chemistry on stage whilst performing between all five lads is something – as a fan of live music – to cherish, they are in it as a pure and true passion. The arrogance of the stage presence and music indicates a certain britpop indie influence. I always love a band who can cover a quality tune(Taking Control – Miles Kane) and put their unique stamp on it. 

Other band bringing the youth back into live music is after months away, the lads from The Current are back with a slightly new lineup and new name. Chris, Joe, Ben and Freddie, as Bonsai have now ticked off their very first gig. The indie alternative sound holds everyone’s attention, whether young or old. Definitely a great first gig for these four lads, the crowd loved it and watching Bonsai, they seemed to love it on stage. For such a young band they have the style to match the mature sound, the lads have seriously got the song writing technique the addictive melodies and the look for a new band. 

Putting their newly fresh stamp back into The Sugarmill, The Rebellion performed a massively strong set – which was unforgettable. The funky rock and rollers are in it to entertain and what a job they do! Danny, Andy, Tom and Charlie create this attitudinal fusion of funk, rock, hip hop and reggae – as an unsigned band, its ground breaking. What I love about The Rebellion is that each member has a different personality that overall makes the band stand out. Tom, Mr music teacher himself, has this jolly energetic charisma – the joker of the pack some might say. Charlie he’s the quiet one, the student with all the intelligence you might say. Dr Andy on guitar is the hidden talent, I do believe he started the band playing bass, guitar or bass, Andy is a thrill to see live. Then Danny, the front guy, who can not say thank enough to all his fans for the support, somewhat reminds me of Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs on stage. Welcome back lads, overall the gig saw golden oldies like Red Lights and some brand new tunes which Radicals Rising can not wait to see on their up and coming EP!




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