Dirty Money No5 @ Sugarmill 10/09/14

Another night of local music gives us another night of 3 bands giving a performance that they think would get them more fans.
It was a decent night, and it started off with Digging For Clouds.
They’re an indie sounding band with a singer with wonderful hair that puts mine to even more shame.
They had a nice sound to them, however their presence wasn’t anything eye catching due to the lack of any movement unfortunately there was barely any crowd interaction.
They picked up near the end, but throughout the gaps of their songs there was this awkward silence that could have been filled with audience conversation or even some wonderful stage banter.
Technically Digging For Clouds seemed spot on.

Suburban Radio were next, it was my first time seeing them in over a year.
They have matured as a band since I last saw them, they have a more lively set than I originally remember.
They had the best crowd reaction and the better following on the night.
They did have a few sound problems but they maintained their ground to give a pretty good performance.
Step Out is their signature song, and to be joined by the lovely Nicola Jayne made that song stand out, even the likes of the line up switch around during the cover of Blitzkrieg Bop.

The headliners take their place, Dirty Money No.5 prove to be very refreshing. They add a new vibe to the local scene, they don’t need breakdowns or to try to sound and look like Oasis to get the message across.
With a band that is accompanied by a DJ, it gives the local music scene a little flare.
From the rapping to the powerful female vocals, this band know how to kick arse.
The riffs are nicely funky and the DJ’ing keeps the music structured for a greater live presence.
The on stage banter did alienate the audience on one occasion, but it’s all part of the fun, and I am glad to have seen Dirty Money No.5 live.

Matt Clewley


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