Incarcerate @ Sugarmill 21/09/2014

With it being Incarcerate’s first headline set you’d expect the pressure to be well and truly on, yet when arriving at the Sugarmill I was greeted with a distinct buzz of excitement in the air, perhaps from the heavy metal whirlwind about to unravel.

Kicking off the night was Bet It All, providing an edgy, hardcore rock performance brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Vocalist Charlie gave an interesting approach to getting into the spirit of things, leaving the stage to join the crowd for a few songs, before the band finished off their set with a truly monumental track.

Next was Of Legions, a local hardcore/metalcore band, with pounding breakdowns and riffs that sent their loyal fan base crazy. It’s safe to say i’ve never seen such madness erupt in a crowd at the Mill, with both the crowd and the band unleashing mayhem. This coupled with powerful vocal talent and intense playing made it an unforgettable set, charged with personality and confidence.

Just before Incarcerate came on, a decent crowd gathered ready to witness the pinnacle of the night. In no time the heavy metal sounds erupted, with raw, earthy vocals and dramatic playing from the band. The whole combination set the place alive, with the crowd yet again going crazy and the vibrations from the pure loudness created could be felt all around the room.

Although this music was not my particular scene, I was still impressed by both the musical talent and the show put on by all 3 of the bands. Any fans of the metalcore genre who love a bit of hardcore moshing and missed this show really did miss out on an electric night.



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