The Personas @ Sugarmill 23/09/14

Sugarmill was a successful night for introducing live music back into the younger generation, especially with 3 incredible bands.
Kicking the night off was Shakedown Stockholm. One of the few bands that can wow me live and on record. The chemistry on and off stage for a 7 piece band is electric, it’s like their very own little family. The connection they have as friends, family and band members adds to the enjoyable atmosphere of their music.The indie rock sound is always labelled to bands like Arctic Monkeys or Kings of Leon -male dominated bands. Shakedown Stockholm are changing it, with the double female fronted look and sound it’s the future in indie rock! My personal favourite tune is Peace but the new material written in the song writing and musically, its alot more heavier. Shakedown Stockholm opened the night spot on, the harmonies between Joanna and Davina seem like they are digital mastered together on stage, its incredible and the lads who back the girls are massively enthusiastic about the talent they have, superb live band. Their next stop is London for one of Alan McGee’s nights; DISTRICT 359 RECORDS, LIVERPOOL £5, 3/10/14.
A four piece from Lichfield were next to wow and entertain – Cold Ocean Lies. It was my first witness of them and I can simply say, yes I will see them again. The grungy dynamics and hazy guitars are spot on and the younger generation seemed to love it. They shyness of the band contrasts with the confidence of the music, its ear hugging and captivating. Cold Ocean Lies have the intriguing hooks which keeps you wanting more.
It was the last headline for The Personas, they sure went out with an amazing performance. Walking onto the stage with White Noise by Disclosure in the background got the party started and the crowd wild. It was by far personally the wildest crowd i’ve seen at The Sugarmill in a long time. As a young band, they balance arrogance and confidence extremely well. They are your typical indie boy band sound but this time around they are growing a lot more mature into their music. The old tunes, new tunes and the odd cover saw an excellent last headline set by The Personas.

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