Suburban Radio – EP Review

After seeing them live with Dirty Money No.5 the other week, Suburban Radio haven drawn my attention.

Their is 3 songs on this free CD I got given to me. The first one is Step Out, this tune is Suburban Radio’s signature song that gets everyone together. The song has a nice catchy riff to it with a happy Ska feeling to it. It’s nice and upbeat, the lyrics are also wrote to fuel a bit of happiness and kick to your currently mood. Vocally it works well even though it took me a while to get used to them.

Isolation is a calm song that has great lyrics yet a quiet music background. The little guitar riff is a sweet one, and the singing going along with it. There’s nothing more to the song than that, instrumentally it’s basic and it does take a while to kick in. When it does kick in it proves to be a pretty decent song, in my opinion I wish it kicked in and then returned to it’s sweet self earlier in the song.

We All deserve To Be Free is a brief little chant song like We Will Rock You. It seems to be the band slogan, it’s a good track that’s good for a chilled listen.


The vocals squealing during songs aren’t my cup of tea to be honest, but it’s mostly a decent chunk of songs that put you in a good mood.


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