The Rebellion – EP Review 26/09/14

Finally the long awaited EP from The Rebellion has been released, with its wonderful concoction of classic indie rock infused with the lively tones of funk.

The first track, Is She The One its my personal favourite from the EP, it has a quirky sound to it from the start. The energetic guitar playing throughout really engrosses you, yet the vocals and drumming provide that balance that pulls everything together nicely.

Next is the track Home With Me Tonight and again you can instantly hear that quirky, funk influence. It’s a catchy song; I found myself remembering quite a few lyrics after the first few listens. The track transitions well and has a great sound to it.

The last song on the EP is Fade Away. It has great energy and is simple yet also ingenious. It finishes up the EP with a very cool, laid back feeling to it, like a band who know exactly where they are heading with their music.

Overall, the EP is definitely a great debut and really defines The Rebellion’s sound, which is consistent in every track. It’s full of pretty impressive songs and shows that funk is definitely on a comeback.



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