Venombase Presents; Luke Gallagher, Bonamalis and The Black Widows @ The Exchange

First gig in Hanley for Wrexham lad Luke Gallagher, first ever gig for Bonamalis and one of The Black Widows last gigs, it was a night presented by Venombase studios at The Exchange.
Smartly dressed, friendly faced Luke Gallagher kicked the night off. For a young fella, he has grown into a great songwriter and intriguing solo performer. Luke takes influences from the 60s and 90s era heavily and for just one guy the music is raw and pure. As well as musically talent and captivating, Luke’s stage presence for an intimate gig is spot on, his cheery personality and charming charisma is something that you come away and remember, he makes every gig personally which the local crowd love. Someone to definitely  keep your eye out on.

Bonamalis were well and truly welcomed into the local music scene on Friday night. Their promising sound, didn’t disappoint the crowd or anyone for that matter, I saw no miserable faces. There is a raw natural feel about the four piece, the connection together for the first gig was electric and the talent musically was great. Something that grabbed my attention was the decision of covering The Animals House of the Rising Sun. I’ve never seen that performed live and they twisted it into a modern Bonamalis way. There is an obvious indie rock, 60s era 90s britpop era influence that seeps through their music. The popular crowd and good vibes from the audience massaged the lads egos and gave Bonamalis a stand out personality. They’ve ticked off a solid first gig as this band.

One of The Black Widows last gigs turned into a headline due to Suburban Radio pulling out. They never disappoint with their good old folky rock and roll sound. Over the past four years they’ve created some vibrant songs, especially in the album Love&Lust. All five members tell the tales behind the songs through their talent, they all add a different texture and create a different sense of musically drama in each individual track. The Black Widows are excellent live performers, especially fronted by Scott, his friendly personality makes the band loveable and memorable. The crowd were loving the live music, dancing and singing along with the good old favourites!



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