Halloween @ Full Moon 01/11/14

Personally I’m not one for celebrating Halloween but I got myself dressed up and headed to The Full Moon. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was a great mix of local talent. The Taskers started the spectacular night off with their grungy rock sound. Performing as a duo is a popular trend in the music industry at the moment, Jack and SBT have being rocking the look for 2 nearly 3 years now. Jack has this gritty vocal which contrasts with SBT soulful voice. The avalanche of fuzz that they create flowed into every ferocious riff perfectly. Next gig will be 7th November in Birmingham at Victoria.

With some spooky happenings as an interval, the only guy who can pull golden cuban heels off, Ben Owen was next to perform at Venombase’s Halloween Ball. His overall performance was solid, solid for again, another duo. The rock and roll groove was something refreshing in the Halloween line up. The newly written songs have an influence of glam rock for definite, his stage persona is exciting and puts a real edge and personality to the music. The mash up of Thriller and Ghostbusters got the crown interaction going wild, great choice! His new single Dirty Little Secret is currently number 1 on the Hype Chart and can be found on ITunes – http://benowenmusic.com/

Just before Sea Based Turtles entertained there was a costume competition. It was amazing to see how many people actually dressed up, it came down to a Jacko and Frank-N-Furter the winner was Frank-N-Furter which in fact was the saxophone player from SBT – well deserved winner! They are one of the best experimental bands I’ve seen live – Sea Based Turtles have such a wide range of talent as a 6 piece. The combination of sounds, styles and personalities make the set enjoyable, they always gather the biggest crowd, due to their originality. It amazing to see a band have so much fun on stage – https://seabased-turtles.squarespace.com/

Chainsaws, spooky noises and projections built up the tension ready for Halloween headliners – Circus Junkie Rebels. It was fresh to hear a raw, dirty, rock and roll band with genuine, hard life lyrics. There’s a single out now Take Me Out which screams a Led Zep influence. There’s so much energy on the stage, it fed off into the audience and gave the whole venue a buzz. They finalised their set with a stage invasion performing MJ cover Beat It. Overall after this performance I can’t wait for the release of the Sleeping in Vegas EP!



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