Bonamalis, Cold Committee and Adam Atkinson @ The Full Moon 08/11/2014

Opening the night was solo artist Adam Atkinson, with a set list full of good, old, indie, rock and roll covers the audience couldn’t help but sing along. Adam’s been in the local music scene, in bands and solo, for a while now, he’s slowly getting better with confidence and writing his own material. He goes down the path of a Kasibian/Oasis influence in his performance.

They finally made it to Stoke-on-Trent, Cold Committee from North Wales didn’t disappoint. All four lads have the look, have the personality and most importantly have the music that mesmerised the audience. Still only young the experience they have is incredible, touring with Beady Eye and Miles Kane, as well as their own tours. The set is hung up with catchy hooks, fierce melodies and slick vocals. Ending the set with Masquerade certainly set the bar high, the connection on stage is electric, and it was an explosive ending.

First headline for another yet huge sound band. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a new band sounding so tight and musically, naturally raw. Bonamalis make each tune with a different vibe, the tempo of the whole set kept the attention of The Full Moon as they ripped through some audience favourites. They have been working with an experienced producer to get some recorded tunes out, we look forward to hearing the final result.



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