Psyence, Two Skies, Rinse, James Biddulph Jnr @ Underground 08/11/2014

What a night to end an 8 day tour, Psyence complete the wild week in their hometown, where they are very well loved, along with excellent support.

James Biddulph Jnr, big fan of Psyence and cracking opener to the night. Originally known as the front guy of The Noise he occasionally performs solo. It’s nice to hear something so old and soulfully sounding coming from modern day performers. The melodies touch borders of, late 60’s, old Rnb, bluesy, folky and a warming Britpop lyrical style.  James played tracks from The Blues Man EP which you can find on the soundcloud page;

A band with a sound everyone wants to hear this year, it’s Rinse. Musically have they have it, they’re an appetising cocktail with a  velvety vocal, heart melting lyrics, riffs that fizz like sherbet then the hammered kick of the drum and bass is like a shot of Sambuca. They have 4 demos out on Soundcloud and on CD, which range massively in influences;

As well as Psyence on tour for 8 days, they were joined by Two Skies from Sheffield. The bond between them seems unbreakable after the last week. Bands that support each other like these do are a big inspiration for the music scene. As a three piece sounding like a five piece, Two Skies fall into the hard rock groovy psych scene. The vibrant energy in the music and attitude creates a QOTSA, BRMC atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing these coming back to Stoke.

What an entrance and welcome. Psyence love it and so do the audience, the atmosphere from when they walked on was electric to when they finished. It all started with a howling scream from Jamie, the new single Phoenix was smoking. Closing my eyes whilst watching Psyence is like hearing musicians with years and years’ experience, their something edgy, something fresh and something unreal. Won’t be long till these are the next biggest ground-breaking band of the year, national.


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