Introducing Rinse 16/11/14

Recently formed, local up-and-coming band Rinse’s trio of demos inflict nothing less of an auspicious introductory impression, riveted in potential prosperity. Evidently the sound is something of a variable in these precursory stages of musical identity; within each track elements are alternated, mangled and transposed – which is anything but a negative. I’d oppose any opinions which convey that experimentation signifies a scarcity in creative direction; what Rinse have done to commendable effect is established three contrasting, but elegant sounds.

Undoubtedly it’s trademark indie, but on the same note hard to characterise; there’s sprinkled embers of Peace in the psychedelic ‘Going Under’, a rhythmic lingering Foals influence oozing from ‘Stick Around’, perhaps a miniscule dash of The Maccabees within the pace and vigour of ‘Drown’. However even then the influence is exceptionally minute and immensely subjective to respective tastes, creditably this can only act as a tribute to the way Rinse maintain a bold, statuesque individuality throughout every track. Another asset to the local scene… eager to hear more!



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