Jonny Brown, Rinse, Pickering White and Bonamalis @ Exchange 01/12/14

Saturday night saw the return of Jonny Brown to Stoke, what a welcome he had too. Luckily for him he has three top notch local band supporting, still fresh on the scene Bonamalis, duo Pickering White and another newish band Rinse.

The night was kicked off my new, energised 4 piece, Bonamalis. The cross over between 60s rock and roll and 90s rock and roll, sometimes people find boring, however Bonamalis are laying it clean with simple melodies, chunky chords and drum flourishes. These elements make up the background of the delicate song writing. Despite mistakes on stage, they happen to the best of people but how you control those mistakes, controls the mood and atmosphere of the set, luckily Bonamalis still kept it strong.

Regardless of losing band members, Pickering White are tight as ever as a duo. The musical talent is still growing stronger. Obviously all tracks have be stripped back to an acoustic vibe which still has that significant rock and roll, 60 RnB sound with a solid melodic speed with actual excitement. Nice to see something retro brought into modern times with so much passion, if they manage to keep this up, 2015 could possibly be the year for Pickering White.

Main support act, Rinse is a band I’d recommend everyone to go a catch very soon. The mellow psychedelic indie vibes is highly addictive. Rinse captivate with tight guitar riffs, potent bass and torrential drums, there’s just no stopping with the talent. The honest, heartfelt lyrics make it hard to resistant singing along. They have left Radicals Rising hungry for more new music!

Don’t really have much to say about Jonny Brown, literally speechless. He just shows that no matter how bad you feel and how terrible you play, people are still gonna love you for what you do.



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