Moral Panics @ Sugarmill 08/12/14

Moral Panics returned to Stoke Saturday night to fill the Sugarmill with their well polished modern sound.The band of 4 produce music as cool as their outfits and have clearly struck the right chord to fill the Sugarmill with fans who’ve anticipated their return for a while. And they certainly delivered! Entertaining the crowd with energy and still professional elegance, these boys have the mix of eccentricity and an engaging presence down to a T.

They weren’t alone on their return, accompanied by The Personas, a young local indie rock band who’s performance was crazy and yet brilliantly executed. They were also supported by new alternative band Release, who played a mix of their own music and well known covers including Buzzcocks’ Ever fallen in Love and Joy Divisions Transmission.

The last to support were 3 piece alternative rock band from Manchester, Man Made. The trio played a variety of their own music including their new single TV Broke my Brain which is out now. It’s no surprise that cool deep feel down to a T after also performing at Reading and Leeds this year.

Each band killed it and the combination of the 4 was total genius, I hope to see more of each and I’m sure everyone there would agree.



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