Circus Junkie Rebels @ Underground 15/12/14

Excitement oozed from The Underground on Saturday as a night of classic rock n roll waited to be unravelled.

First to take the stage was Sons of Andal, an energetic rock band who showed everyone how it was done. With loud, thumping guitar riffs and fast paced drumming, they crafted a rebellious and upbeat atmosphere that got everyone ready for the night to come.

Next was female fronted band Silverchild, who showed that women can do rock just as well. You could see the chemistry that the members had on stage together, and this added with a brilliantly executed set only highlighted the powerful impact of their music.

Finally Circus Junkie Rebels made their way on to the stage, giving everyone a taste of the classic old school rock n roll. Possessing both charisma and style, especially from Corey on bass pulling off some shades, they looked perfectly at ease as they belted out their own tracks and also a great Led Zeppelin cover. Guitarist Joseph played with both passion and skill, and the mix between ballads and upbeat tracks allowed Dani to showcase his vocal abilities. The use of a keyboard was nice to see and illustrated the extent of their skill and intuition. Chris demonstrated superb drumming also, particularly in his solo, which broke up the set nicely and I was glad to finally see a band with such confidence grace the stage.

Overall, the night allowed that spark of rock n roll to be ignited again and definitely washed out the cold with the extent of the energy and enthusiasm from all the bands.



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