Full Moon Fest 19.12.14

What’s better than watching 5 live bands as an early Christmas treat? … Not a lot really, especially with the mix and explosions of talent. Bands locally, non-local and covering array of genres put a step in everyone’s dance moves.

First on was Manchester based Bourbon Street Beat. My description is simple. Its George Ezra framed by The Black Keys with a splash of 50s rock and roll. Mixing the classic sound over with a modern twist turns into an incredible groovy beat.  As only a three piece the musically connections work smoothly especially having to improvise endings on occasion. Personally favourite was for certain Feel the Rush, the addictive rock and roll beat had me hooked.

The Devil Blues showed us another bluesy rock and roll performance. Local lads have got it tighter since Summer time since I last saw them. They’ve worked on the duo vocal which has paid off. The contrast between Adam’s gritty vocal and James’s clear shout gives The Devil Blues a grungy, dirty underground sound. Live, there isn’t any personally connection just yet but musically, the experimentation with blues and rock is paying off.

New indie Britpop band on the scene Bonamalis by far did their best performance to date. They have this early Oasis twang to their sound, the nasally vocal and working class lyrics puts them under the same umbrella as Oasis for definite. The whole band live thoroughly enjoy themselves when playing, the energy feeds off into the audience and bounces back into the music, especially in the new tune Charlie and surprise cover Come on Feel the Noise by Slade.

What a set. What a debut set. We Few smashed it. There was a constant rush of frantic energy that demanded attention, and the attention they did get! The strong gritty guitars were sandwiched together with pulsing bass and the solid drum beat then topped off with Tom’s mature sexy vocals and screams. Speech within tracks is a real guilty pleasure of mine personally, working it around the music and making the speech mean something is a difficult skill to pull off. My personal favourite has to be Push, physically no words why. Positively speechless.

It was so good to finally witness The Assist live after months of listening to their music. The four piece from Walsall bring their bouncy beats and loveable charm to Stoke and people loved it. It’s all strength to strength with these lads. The golden shine for The Assist is their confidence for a young band. The bass driven melodies are driven so smoothly yet with a raw edge. The relationship with Ben’s strident addictive drum beat layered with Ryan’s resilient riffs makes such an impact on the overall sound, especially in a personally favourite – The Assist. The relationship between all band members on stage made the gig more enjoyable, smiles and laughter just shows how much The Assist love it. A great live band, one to watch.



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