Suburban Radio – We All Deserve to be Free – Single Review

While listening to Suburban Radio’s latest Punk offering, I couldn’t help but notice a striking similarity to the early Ramones records, I’m sure the lads would take this as a compliment as the Ramones are noted as one of their influences on their Facebook.

But these aren’t a band that listen to the early Punk records as a hobby, from the fast paced nature to the Political nature of their lyrics, this is a band that take Punk seriously and not only as a genre and as a tradition, and while it might not be the most original work I’ve heard this year, who said Punk was about originality anyway?

The song itself is an extremely catchy one, and it must strike as an early contender for catchiest chorus of the year by a local band, its no surprise that the band see it as the Mantra of their set and its quite obviously a highlight for the fans as well.

In a way like the great Punk bands they see themselves as a band for the people, we would all like to live our lives in our own way, go by our own rules and make our own decisions, and if ‘We All Deserve to be Free’ is as much a statement as it is a song then its quite obviously a statement of intent!



Logical Drama @ Sugarmill 23.01.15

Bonamalis were the first band on, and I have to say I was very impressed. Immediately their tracks and stage presence reminded me of the euphoric sound of Oasis, and despite the fact that they are big boots to fill, I could also see their own spin woven into their songs. Filled with clever drumming and quirky guitar riffs, they definitely set the bench mark for the night.

Next on was Divine Youth, and despite suffering a broken guitar string they still pulled it off. The drumming was superb, forming the backbone of the band and everything else just slotted together perfectly to make it a powerful set full of energy.

True English Gents were third on, and having seen them many times before, I had high expectations. Yet once again the punk rock trio pulled it off. Their cover of Jamie T’s Zombie and also a classic Beastie Boys track meant the crowd broke out into chaos, but a good chaos that reflected the bands energy and charisma.

Lastly, headliners Logical Drama. Their set begun with a dramatic western theme as they walked onto the stage which grabbed everyone’s attention. Their set continued to hold on to this, with thumping rock riffs and stunning vocals that proved that rock n roll will always live on. Violinist Eloise added a nice streak of individuality to the set and to the band, and they definitely stood out in their own right.

The night was fuelled with energy and enthusiasm, and this combined with great local talent meant the night was destined to be something exceptional.


Bonamalis – Crossline Phoenix

From the first few drum beats that open the song, you can already tell that Cross Line Phoenix by Bonamalis is going to be something you’ll have stuck in your head for the next few weeks.

You have to constantly remind yourself that you’re not listening to a song by The Rolling Stones, and when you do, you realise just how brilliant this band is. With vocals from Jord Clarke delivering a heavy combination of sounds from the likes of Mick Jagger and Liam Gallagher, and a catchy, repetitive raw electric guitar riff, Cross Line Phoenix has you hooked instantly. Somehow this band manages to cleverly mix two decades of music together, yet add their own twist to give them their unique sound. One thing I love about this song is the subtle use of the bass. From its entrance at the beginning of the song, the bass works alongside the guitar to create a sound only a well-rehearsed and well-devised band could produce.

To those who believe rock ‘n’ roll is dead, I would recommend that you listen to this song. Keep an eye out for this band. Bonamalis are definitely going places.

Em Jones

Adam French Track Reviews

Singer-Songwriters used to be a thing of the past, while they would always been around, they have not always been relevant, Normally they would decide to form a band and claim the fame from there. However the last few years has seen a considerable rise for the genre and Congleton’s Adam French is another in a fine line of singer songwriters the area is proudly blessed with.
Adam isn’t the conventional singer-songwriter, yes he plays guitar but this is a guy who takes risks. Blessed with a keen ear for melody both ‘More to Life’ and ‘Ivory’ prove that Adam is not only a songwriter stopping at the present but moving towards the future.
‘More to Life’ musically builds up, the palm muted guitar is followed by the pounding drums and eerie sound effects that continue throughout the song. More to Life is a clear implication of what you get with Adam, this isn’t your run of the mill singer-songwriter who you see every week at your local Open Mic Night, Instead this is someone that not only a student but the more you hear it, its fairly obvious that he is a master in the art of melody.
If ‘More to Life’ is your night out kind of tune then ‘Ivory’ is the kind of song for a relaxing night in. ‘Ivory’ although not as instant as ‘More to Life’ is yet equally as memorable, maybe even more so and yet it still keeps many of the qualities that were predominantly used during the previous song. In this song with its arpeggio guitar opening shows Adam off as not only a fine songwriter but an excellent singer as well!
Adam has a headline gig at The Underground on the 30th of January, If these songs are anything to go by then I’d say its worth the wait in the queue alone.

Thieves Asylum – Kataplut

Thieves Aslyum’s brand new single, ‘Katapult’, is a great introduction for these newcomers to the music scene. The introduction creates a massive impact on the whole song as it gets you ready for something amazing which is exactly what it brings. It creates a Kasabian like feel to the song, however these lads are completely original and have created a masterpiece musically. The lyrics are catchy and memorable and something that I can see being shouted from the floor below them. The guitar playing creates an intense feel as the solo creates excitement and brings to song together spectacularly.

I can see amazing potential in the upcoming gigs they play and the rest of the music they release. I’m really excited to hear more from them!

Everybody go check out Thieves Asylum and their new single, Katapult.


The Albion EP Young & Lost

You can’t help but listen to The Albion’s new EP Young & Lost without wanting to get up out of your seat and dance – or just tap your foot in enjoyment.

A thirty-second intro builds the opening of the EP up to a cymbal crescendo, where the beginning of Illusions flows nicely from the eerie mismatch of sounds that the intro leaves. Illusions is an up-beat song that really displays the strong musicianship this band holds. Clearly this band is made up of four talented lads with lots of potential. The melody is reminiscent to that of This Charming Man by The Smiths, with a catchy guitar riff that even Johnny Marr would be pretty pleased with. Added vocals in the chorus provide a very small, but noticeable contrast within the song that break it up nicely. All in all a strong opening to what promises to be a great EP.

Make Up Your Mind shifts the sound of the band instantly, with vocalist Will Carter’s vocal style following closely to that of Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner. This is reaffirmed with the use of backing vocals, that could have possibly been inspired by those used on the classic I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, yet this song is far from the heavy guitar sounds of that song. Underlying this song, and possibly the secret ingredient as to how The Albion create their sound, is the bass guitar. Heard more in Make Up Your Mind than the previous, the bass guitar leaves an earthy rock sound that brings the song forward and continues to keep it running.

The concluding song on the EP, Life Amongst The Young and Lost, combines effective backing harmonies with everything displayed in the previous two songs. Although not the strongest on the EP, the song remains upbeat and rounds off the album nicely. There’s a lot going on in this song in contrast to Illusions and Make Up Your Mind, which makes keeping up with each aspect challenging at times. Continuing to use their mix of modern indie influences and electric guitar effects stolen straight out of the 80’s, Life Amongst The Young and Lost leaves you wanting more from this quartet. A lot more.

It’s plain to hear that The Albion have so much potential. As a quartet they know how to harness the talent of each member in order to create music of a high quality.

Fans of indie, I think you’ve just found your new favourite band.


Dirty Money No.5 @ Sugarmill 16/1/15

Opening the night was Jub Jub, an interesting duo who categorise themselves as grunge synth pop. Their set was intriguing, and the combination of their suits with their red eyes courtesy of some cool lighting really added something unusual yet exciting to their performance. It was refreshing to finally hear something a little different, and particularly impressive that there was only the two of them producing it.

Also supporting were 4 piece Suburban Radio, who attracted a decent crowd with their energetic riffs and spirit raising tracks. One thing that instantly warms you to this band is their passionate approach to the meaning behind their songs, themselves saying that they “believe in freedom and equality for everyone” and their banner that hung from the balcony stating “we all deserve to be free”. This positivity really did shine through which resulted in an inspirational and jubilant set.

Next up was Calling All Survivors, and with it being their first gig a supportive yet unmistakably rowdy crowd gathered as they kicked off with a high powered pop punk set. They got the balance between original songs and covers spot on, including tracks such as Imagine Dragon’s ‘Radioactive’, Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’. For their first gig I was impressed with their catchy original tracks, how professionally they executed themselves on stage and also their ability to get the crowd going.

Headliners Dirty Money No. 5 provided the room with a funky ska set to draw the night to a close. In contrast to the madness of the previous set, their music reduced everyone to rhythmic swaying and some particularly quirky dance moves from a few individuals. The atmosphere that surrounded their set was very laid back and oozed of coolness and experience – they truly have mastered it and I couldn’t think of a better way to end the night.
A great night and great performances from all 4 bands.


Regale Live @ JJM Studio

It was an intimate event, a tight squeeze in a room, no bigger than my living room at JJM Studio.

Regale kicked the night off. As the first band on they packed the room out with fans and music lovers. The atmosphere was perfect for a gig it was full of genuine music appreciation.
Regale’s set was full off fan faves like, ‘Is it me is it you’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Moves’, the indie guitar riffs with mesmerising effects and the ting of house and early RnB shows off how adventurous Regale can be musically. Also brand new tune ‘Sirens’, again shows off Regale’s best talent – producing a catchy chorus. The impact of the groovy funky tune is solidly built up in the intro!
The captivity front guy – Crig has a certain Tim Burgess/Ian Brown persona about him. They are all incredible live, each member adds something to the show whether it’s their talent, dancing or posing for the camera, Regale are a must see band.