Regale Live @ JJM Studio

It was an intimate event, a tight squeeze in a room, no bigger than my living room at JJM Studio.

Regale kicked the night off. As the first band on they packed the room out with fans and music lovers. The atmosphere was perfect for a gig it was full of genuine music appreciation.
Regale’s set was full off fan faves like, ‘Is it me is it you’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Moves’, the indie guitar riffs with mesmerising effects and the ting of house and early RnB shows off how adventurous Regale can be musically. Also brand new tune ‘Sirens’, again shows off Regale’s best talent – producing a catchy chorus. The impact of the groovy funky tune is solidly built up in the intro!
The captivity front guy – Crig has a certain Tim Burgess/Ian Brown persona about him. They are all incredible live, each member adds something to the show whether it’s their talent, dancing or posing for the camera, Regale are a must see band.



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